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Ward Baxter is heavily involved in the classical repertoire for tenor saxophone, as well as composition and arranging in a myriad of genres. His interest and expertise in classical, jazz, avant-garde, Latin and other ethnic musics provide a foundation for his compositionally minded improvisations. Mr. Baxter has performed throughout the west coast with dozens of ensembles, and has numerous recordings to his credit. He holds a both a Bachelors and Masters of Music degree in Tenor Saxophone Performance from San Diego State University. Mr. Baxter performs and teaches soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, piccolo, flute, and alto flute, as well as Eb, Bb, and Bass clarinets, with an affinity for improvised music. He is also an avid admirer of, and active participant in, electro-acoustic music.

Ward Baxter is equally at home in musical theater, chamber works, jazz casuals, big bands, solo repertoire, and a wide variety of folk musics. He performs nationally and internationally with the Spectrum Saxophone Quartet and with Return To One. He may currently be seen performing in the Portland Metro area with the Lily Wilde Orchestra, the Pacific Crest Wind Ensemble, the Millenium Concert Band, and numerous other fine ensembles. He is a member of Chamber Music America and the American Federation of Musicians, local 99.

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