MIDI files

Below is a small collection of MIDI files of the piano and saxophone parts of selected classical saxophone literature. Much of this literature is difficult to find recordings of, so these crude representations may offer the student some insight into the piece. These files are intended to be used as a practice aid. They are by no means a substitution for the real piano. For a more comprehensive listing of saxophone practice accompaniment, please visit www.saxmann.com. On that site, Patrick Mann has assembled an impressive list of recordings of MIDI accompaniment files that he sells for a very reasonable rate.

As far as I know, the following files are not in violation of any copyright laws. It is certainly not my intent to alienate the publishers of these fine works from their profits. If you have any MIDI files that you'd like to add to this list, please e-mail me at ward@wardbaxter.com.

Alto Saxophone

All MIDI files on this page were created by Ward Baxter unless otherwise indicated.
MIDI files created and contributed by Josh Salez are marked with an asterisk (*)

Composer Title Movement(s) Piano w/Sax
*Creston, Paul Concerto 1.  
*Creston, Paul Sonata 2. With Tranquility  

*Dubois, Pierre Max Concerto 2.  

Eccles. Henry (1670-1742) Sonata I. Largo
    II. Courante
    III. Adagio
    IV. Presto

*Ibert Concertino da Camera 1. Allegro con moto  

*Robert Muczynski Sonata 1.  

Tenor Saxophone

(MIDI files created by Ward Baxter)

Composer Title Movement(s) Piano w/Sax
Anderson, Garland Sonata I.Adagio  
    II. Scherzo-Presto
    III. Andante con moto  
    IV.Allegro ma non troppo  

Cunningham, Michael Trigon, Op. 31 I. Constant Driving Rhythm
    II. Quiet and Calm
    III. Quite Fast

Duckworth, William Pitt County Excursions 1. March  
    2. Serenade  
    3. Air (unaccompanied)  
    4. Ragtime  

Hartley, Walter Concertino 1. Humoresque
    2. Reverie
    3. Toccata
Hartley, Walter Poem Poem
Hartley, Walter Scherzino Scherzino
Hartley, Walter Sonorities VII Sonorities VII

Schmidt, William Sonatina 1. March  
    2. Sinfonia  
    3. Rondoletto  

Villa-Lobos, Heitor Fantasia I. Animé
    II. Lent
    III. Très Animé

Ward, Robert Concerto I. Lento
    II. Allegro